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Noise is omnipresent in our everyday lives. We are all constantly exposed to traffic noise(road, rail and air), neighbourhood noise and noise from leisure activities.

Noise: a public health issue

The health consequences of noise pollution can be particularly harmful. Noise therefore represents a significant public health issue. It is a major source of stress that can contribute to sleep disorders or even depressive disorders.

The World Health Organisation Regional Office for Europe is taking this problem very seriously. This is why it has developed guidelines detailing public health advice to protect human health from exposure to noise.

Protect yourself from noise for your everyday comfort

When you are at home, you usually strive for tranquillity to be able to relax and sleep well.  But not everyone has the opportunity to live in perfectly tranquil or sparsely populated areas. Putting up with discomfort relating to noise is not a foregone conclusion! On the contrary, you must find solutions to protect yourself in order to maintain your everyday comfort in your living space and in your work environment.

How do you protect yourself from noise?

The acoustic insulation of a home or workspace is an essential aspect to take into account. Glazing offering increased sound insulation is particularly vital in filtering out disturbing noises from outside.

Fineo glass provides better acoustic performance than double or triple glazing, with tests to support this. Its innovative technology offers very thin glazing consisting of two panes of glass separated by a vacuum gap, which increases sound and thermal insulation.

As well as providing you with improved noise reduction, FINEO glazing allows you to save money on your acoustic insulation project. In fact, thanks to its extremely slim design, you can install our glazing while keeping your original window frames.

Fineo is, therefore, not just for new or recent housing. Older housing can also benefit from the comfort of our efficient and 100% recyclable solution.

So, before you think about moving house because of the noise, contact us to replace your glazing!

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