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FINEO obtains technical approval in France

FINEO obtains technical approval in France

Even though it is the lightest ultra-insulating glazing on the market, its performance is not to be taken lightly!

FINEO, the first and only vacuum-formed glazing to obtain a Technical Approval in France!

The tightening of standards with a view to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 is driving the commitment of glass manufacturers to help improve the energy performance of buildings. This ability to meet the growing requirements imposed on the construction sector has just been demonstrated for FINEO vacuum glazing, through the publication of its Technical Notice on 14 September 2023 (Technical Notice 6/23-2441_V1).

What is a Technical Notice?

The Avis Technique (or ATec) is a certification issued in France, attesting to the performance and innovation of a product in accordance with French construction standards. This opinion is formulated by a group of experts representing the various professions, known as the Groupe Spécialisé (GS), which, with the help of the Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment (CSTB), assesses the suitability for use of innovative products introduced onto the French market.

The assessment of a product to obtain the ATec is based on a rigorous audit of the manufacturing processes and checks on the quality and performance of the product. These checks are carried out by certified, independent laboratories. 

Technical Approvals are issued by the Commission responsible for issuing Technical Approvals (CCFAT), which is attached to the Ministry of Construction and Housing. The CSTB, a member of the CCFAT, is involved in the procedure as an independent body and reference certifier.

Why is ATec important?

French standards and regulations are reputed to be among the most stringent in Europe. The entire construction sector therefore pays particular attention to Avis Techniques. They are a real guarantee of the conformity, quality and durability of a product in accordance with French requirements.

The benefits of such certification are clear for all stakeholders: for manufacturers, it represents a genuine differentiation of their offering and a lever for economic development, and for specifiers, installers, contractors, architects and users, it is an indisputable sign of quality and conformity!

To date, FINEO is the only vacuum glazing to have obtained a Technical Approval in France.

The FINEO Technical Notice can be consulted on the CCFAT website: