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High Performance Vacuum Glazing - FINEO

FINEO is much more than a glazing technology, it is the ultimate in comfort. This vacuum glazing is the new generation of insulating glass.

  • More comfort
  • More possibilities
  • More environmentally friendly
  • Thinner and lighter


better isolation

Increased insulation and comfort

The thermal insulation of a building is key to energy savings and to the wellbeing of the occupants. FINEO glazing offers a thermal insulation coefficient of 0.7 W/(m².K), the equivalent of triple glazing. Thus, your building keeps the heat in winter. In addition, FINEO retains the sun's heat better than other glazing, which reduces your energy consumption.

0.7 W
vitre solaire

Better light transmission

FINEO vacuum glazing allows in 15% more natural light than triple glazing. You will enjoy a brighter interior, an important advantage considering the role light has on our wellbeing.

noise protection

Better Soundproofing

FINEO vacuum glazing offers better soundproofing performance than other insulating glass units such as double or triple glazing. In particular for traffic noise, FINEO provides a reduction of about 10 dB. This corresponds to a perceived reduction of noise by half.


Adapted to your needs

Thanks to the wide range of available products, FINEO adapts to all the requirements of your project. Due to its thinness (from 6 mm), the product is intended for new construction (tertiary and residential) but also for renovation, particularly of listed and historical buildings. FINEO is available in a multitude of shapes and also with an antique glass finish.

easy to install glazing

Peace of mind for many years

FINEO is installed through a network of certified partners, a guarantee of quality and reliability in the execution of your project. In addition, FINEO is guaranteed for 15 years, which is more than the industry standard of 10 years. Vacuum glazing technology lasts much longer than 15 years, ensuring many years of peace of mind. FINEO exceeds by far the performance and longevity of ordinary insulating glass.

15 years
ecologic glass

100% ready for the circular economy

FINEO cares about the environment. The materials used for vacuum glazing are environmentally friendly, lead-free and 100% recyclable. FINEO is produced in Europe, close to the construction sites where it is installed.


Our key figures

U-value (W/m²K)
0.7 0.7
Inside glazing pane °C (°C) outside temperature of -10°C & an inside temperature of 20°C
17.5 17.5
Thickness (mm)
7.7 44
Weight (kg/m²)
20 30
FINEO FINEO 8 Old double glazing Triple glazing
vitrage u value
U-value (W/m²K)
0.7 2.8 0.7
quality glass
Inside glazing pane °C outside temperature of -10°C & an inside temperature of 20°C (°C)
17.5 9.5 17.5
thickness of glazing
Thickness (mm)
7.7 24 44
vitrage ultra légé
Weight (kg/m²)
20 20 30


What is the U-value of Fineo?

The U-value = 0.7 W/(m².K), regardless of the inclination of the window. You can find all the technical information about Fineo by downloading our datasheet.


The U-value is a thermal transmittance, or the heat loss, through a structural element (here the glazing). The lower the value, the better the thermal insulation.

Why should I choose Fineo?

FINEO provides the same thermal performance as a triple-glazing unit while being as thin as a single-glazing unit. In addition to looking better on any window, it can be a requisite in renovations where the existing window frames cannot support the thickness of a triple-glazing unit.