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Improving the performance of your windows without changing the frames can be done.


Windows play a central role in optimising a building’s performance. In fact, they account for 10-20% of heat loss. They also have a key role in insulating against outside noise.

Focusing on the windows is therefore essential to improve the thermal and/or sound insulation of a home or building. To top it all off, you’ll see significant savings in heating and an improvement in everyday comfort.

In recent decades, replacing the windows came as an almost automatic response to improving a home’s insulation. Replacing windows is indeed very effective, but the work involved is far from trivial. First of all, it causes slight damage to the walls, and the drawbacks relating to dust and noise are clear to see.

AGC, a global leader in glass manufacturing, has developed FINEO: a glass that is as thin as single glazing but that has the performance of triple glazing. This glazing is placed within the existing window frames, offering quick and easy installation without the inconvenience of plastering, noise and dust.

This solution, therefore, allows single or double glazing in older windows to be replaced and enables you to benefit from better comfort in terms of the heat and sound in your home.
As a result, you can keep the charm of your old windows and avoid having to repair any of your home’s walls.

Performance goes hand in hand with an improvement in heat and sound for your home. The glass, which is thinner than that of triple glazing, also allows a better transmission of daylight from outside.

Finally, from an environmental point of view, only the glass is changed, and the material is 100% recycled.

There are many partner installers throughout Europe. Ask to be contacted by one of the FINEO teams to review your project together. Thanks to FINEO, you’ll finally be able to update your windows easily to improve your comfort and environmental footprint while saving on your energy bills

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