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How to choose Highly Insulating Glazing?


Did you know that a lot of the heat in your house or apartment might be being wasted? In an average-sized house, we see approximately a quarter of heat lost through the walls. As for the windows, they account for 10-15% of heat loss (source: ADEME).

Reducing your heat consumption

This significant loss of heat requires energy consumption for heating to make up for it. So, your heating bill can quickly shoot up in winter! Finding a solution to limit this heat loss and, by doing so, reduce your heat consumption is therefore very important.

As well as helping your finances, you’ll be able to limit your impact on the environment by reducing your carbon dioxide emissions, which is a significant contribution to the fight against global warming.

Thermal insulation and choosing good glazing

Finding the best thermal insulation solution for your glazing is therefore a must in order to avoid heat loss and guarantee optimal thermal comfort indoors.

There are many thermal glazing solutions on the market, so it might seem difficult to navigate your way around when it comes to making a choice.

To help you choose wisely, you need to check the U-value of the glazing. This value indicates the level of heat lost through your glazing. So, the lower the number, the better the insulation. For example, the U-value is around 5.8 W/(m²⋅K) for single glazing, 2.8 for standard double glazing and can even go below 1 for triple glazing.

Opt for exceptional and innovative thermal insulation

As you’ll have realised, the thermal insulation of a home is a key aspect to take into account in order to reduce your energy bill and limit your impact on the environment.

At FINEO, we offer solutions that guarantee high thermal performance.
Our low-E glass thereby has a U-value of 0.7 W/(m²⋅K). This is the equivalent of high-quality triple glazing.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Our innovative technology allows us to offer you thin, lightweight glazing that fits into your existing window frames. As well as providing you with improved thermal comfort, our glazing also enables you to reduce the budget for your thermal insulation project.

Both older and more modern homes can therefore benefit from the comfort offered by our aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting installations with 100% recyclable materials.

Contact us to replace your glazing so that we can provide you with optimal thermal comfort!

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