Ultra-thin design
for maximum indoor comfort

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  • USPUltra-thin.
  • USPLightweight.
  • USPHigh insulation value.
  • USPBetter light transmission.
  • USPSustainable.
  • USP15-year guarantee.

Fineo - The evolution of glass

Recent years have seen unprecedented developments in the functionality of glass. Alongside light transmission and thermal and acoustic insulation properties, aspects like sustainability, ease of installation and of course aesthetics are increasingly important.

Inspired by these developments, AGC has joined forces with Panasonic to develop the ground-breaking Fineo line of vacuum-insulated glass. We’ve used a new glass technology to create a new generation of glass that has an insulation value similar to that of triple-pane windows, but is as little as 6 mm thick (a fraction of the thickness of triple-pane windows) and exceptionally lightweight. In addition, the production of Fineo glass is based on sustainable principles.


The advantages

The latest generation of vacuum-insulated glazing for new build or refurbishment projects.

Fineo opens new possibilities for both new build projects and refurbishment of existing windows (including heritage frames).



The ideal glass for listed buildings, conservation properties and refurbishment projects.

With its exceptional thermal and acoustic insulation properties, Fineo provides substantial improvements to energy efficiency and indoor comfort. Thanks to Fineo’s ultra-thin profile, there’s no need to widen the groove in the window frame, so the original historic appearance is optimally maintained. Better results in fewer work hours!

Want to know more?



Do you have more specific questions? Please send an email to info@fineoglass.eu and we will find the right Fineo partner near to you who can give you individually a customized advice.