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High efficiency glazing

Much more than a technological success, FINEO is the promise of optimal interior comfort. FINEO glass offers the same thermal insulation as triple glazing, while being 3 to 4 times thinner.


Good thermal insulation is key to reducing heating requirements and making energy savings. FINEO vacuum glazing achieves a thermal insulation coefficient of 0.7 W/(m²K).

This coefficient expresses the heat loss per m² of glazing for a temperature difference between the inside and the outside: the lower this value, the lower the heat loss and the better the insulation.

In winter, FINEO insulating glass units retain the heat in your building more efficiently than conventional glass or double glazing. With ordinary glass, cold air flows through the window and the cold spreads throughout the room.

FINEO avoids this, thanks to the higher temperature of the glass sheet. In addition, FINEO allows more of the sun's heat into the room. FINEO therefore reduces your heating needs as well as your energy consumption in the long term.

In addition, the U-value of FINEO remains stable over time, unlike other insulating glass units which experience losses of insulating gas. This U-value is stable regardless of the inclination of the glazing.

Our key figures

U-value (W/m²K)
0.7 0.7
Inside glazing pane °C (1) (°C) (1) outside temperature of -10°C & an inside temperature of 20°C
17.5 17.5
Solar heat gain factor
0.62 0.52
Thickness (mm)
7.7 44
FINEO FINEO 8 Old double glazing Triple glazing
vitrage u value
U-value (W/m²K)
0.7 2.8 0.7
quality glass
Inside glazing pane °C (1) (1) outside temperature of -10°C & an inside temperature of 20°C (°C)
17.5 9.5 17.5
solar heat insulation
Solar heat gain factor
0.62 0.76 0.52
thickness of glazing
Thickness (mm)
7.7 24 44


What is the U-value of Fineo?

The U-value = 0.7 W/(m².K), regardless of the inclination of the window. You can find all the technical information about Fineo by downloading our datasheet.


The U-value is a thermal transmittance, or the heat loss, through a structural element (here the glazing). The lower the value, the better the thermal insulation.

Why should I choose Fineo?

FINEO provides the same thermal performance as a triple-glazing unit while being as thin as a single-glazing unit. In addition to looking better on any window, it can be a requisite in renovations where the existing window frames cannot support the thickness of a triple-glazing unit.