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Reliable glazing technology

With FINEO, everything is a guarantee of quality. Whether it's the product or the installation, special attention is paid to ensure your peace of mind for the long term.


FINEO works with a network of certified installers, both for renovation work where only the glazing needs to be replaced and for new construction or heavier renovations, where new windows are required. These installers are selected for the quality of the work they perform.

For FINEO, it is important that the service is as good as the quality of the product. Our installers are regularly trained on the latest product developments and their specific features.

FINEO works with premium partners to offer state-of-the-art window and facade solutions that incorporate vacuum glazing.

FINEO is guaranteed for 15 years, far beyond what is offered on other types of insulating glass. And FINEO lasts far longer than that. Once FINEO is installed, your building will have thermal insulation for many years.

Our key figures

FINEO FINEO 8 Single glazing
U-value (W/m²K)
Thickness (mm)
Weight (kg/m²)
FINEO FINEO 8 Single glazing
vitrage u value
U-value (W/m²K)
0.7 5,8
thickness of glazing
Thickness (mm)
7.7 8
vitrage ultra légé
Weight (kg/m²)
20 20


What is the U-value of Fineo?

The U-value = 0.7 W/(m².K), regardless of the inclination of the window. You can find all the technical information about Fineo by downloading our datasheet.


The U-value is a thermal transmittance, or the heat loss, through a structural element (here the glazing). The lower the value, the better the thermal insulation.

Why should I choose Fineo?

FINEO provides the same thermal performance as a triple-glazing unit while being as thin as a single-glazing unit. In addition to looking better on any window, it can be a requisite in renovations where the existing window frames cannot support the thickness of a triple-glazing unit.