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Eco friendly glazing: 100% ready for the circular economy

FINEO cares about the environment.


The materials used for vacuum glazing are environmentally friendly, lead-free and 100% recyclable. At the end of its life, the whole product can be transformed into raw material for new glass, unlike double and triple glazing whose spacers and adhesives cannot be recycled.

FINEO is produced in Europe, where it is also installed. This limits transportation and reduces the ecological footprint of the glazing. Delivery times are also more favourable.

FINEO also helps to meet the environmental goals that countries have set for themselves. The improved insulation that the product provides reduces heating requirements, which means fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Because FINEO can replace old glazing while retaining existing frames, renovation costs are lower, making building insulation more accessible.

Our key figures

FINEO FINEO 8 Triple glazing
U-value (W/m²K)
Thickness (mm)
Weight (kg/m²)
FINEO FINEO 8 Triple glazing
vitrage u value
U-value (W/m²K)
0.7 0.7
thickness of glazing
Thickness (mm)
7.7 44
vitrage ultra légé
Weight (kg/m²)
20 30


What is the U-value of Fineo?

The U-value = 0.7 W/(m².K), regardless of the inclination of the window. You can find all the technical information about Fineo by downloading our datasheet.


The U-value is a thermal transmittance, or the heat loss, through a structural element (here the glazing). The lower the value, the better the thermal insulation.

Why should I choose Fineo?

FINEO provides the same thermal performance as a triple-glazing unit while being as thin as a single-glazing unit. In addition to looking better on any window, it can be a requisite in renovations where the existing window frames cannot support the thickness of a triple-glazing unit.